Print Ad Specifications

Everything you need to know for delivering print ads to Bonnier Media.

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Download correct settings

To ensure the best possible results, please download and use our color profiles and PDF-presets: 

  Color Profile (install first) PDF-preset Color Settings
Content pages for Vi i Villa Download - PSRgravureMF Download Download
Cover* and inserts for Vi i Villa Download - ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) Download Download
All other magazine titles Download - ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) Download Download
* Cover includes page 1-2, 2nd last and back.

 Scroll down for installation instructions.

Other specifications

  • All Ads should be delivered as PDF, exported using our presets (see the table above).
  • All ads must have correct dimensions and bleed.
  • Spreads must be sent as two separate pages (left/right as separate files). 
  • Images should have a resolution of (at least) 300 ppi.
  • Do not use TrueType-fonts.
  • The PDF should be generated using the correct color profile to ensure predictable/correct colors (see the above table). We do not take responsibility for minor variations in the reproduction.
  • When layouting spreads (except for Gjør Det Selv), be aware that up to 5 mm can disappear in the spine/fold (especially on the first/last spread). We recommend shifting any images that cross the spine 2,5 mm to each side (causing 5 mm of the image to repeat at the spine).
  • Ad dimensions for the different titles can be found here: Våre produkter (in Norwegian only).

Uploading the Ad

Upload the final PDF(s) to:

The first time you use the web page it will ask you to create an account.
Do not send us Ads via e-mail!

How to install the color profile(s):

  1. Windows:
    Right-click he .icc-file and choose "Install Profile".
  2. OS X:
    Copy the .icc-file to the following folder:
    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/Recommended/
    Alternatively you can copy it here:
    /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/Recommended/
  3. Restart your layout software (if you had it open).

How to install the PDF-preset(s):

Warning: Color Profiles must be downloaded and installed before you install PDF-presets!

  • InDesign:
    File > Adobe PDF presets > Define… > Load
  • Illustrator:
    Edit > Adobe PDF presets… > Import
  • Photoshop (not recommended for generating PDFs!):
    Install the preset using one of the other programs, or see the option below:

If you use another software or version that does not support our presets, use the following manual settings (click for screenshots):

How to install the Color Settings (optional):

Warning: Color Profiles must be downloaded and installed before you install Color Settings!

  • InDesign/Illustrator:
    Edit > Color Settings > Load... 

If you already have started a new document, we recommend going to Edit > Convert to Profile... and choose the correct CMYK-profile for your document (see table at the top of the page). Then you will see the colors more accurately while working (this is especially important for Vi i Villa).


Problems with the upload page or the specifications?

Contact media coordinator Cathrine Lunga [email protected] // +47 22 04 73 29
or Hildur Mork [email protected] // +47 22 04 73 31